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- Tech Support

- Data Revocery & Hard Drive Repair

- iPhone, iPad, Android Phone & Tablet Repair

- Free IT Technical Advice

- Software & Hardware Repair & Upgrade Assistance

- Help Removing Virus’s and Restoring Corrupted Data

- IT Technical Support For Windows PC’s, Mac, & Linux

- Will Recycle Old Hardware & Parts

- ProScites.com Web Design, Video Creations, & More

I accept donations, this mean an affordable price for quality services

If I’m unable to fix your issue, I’ll recommend you to someone who can. On occasion, computers and smartphones maybe unrepairable. If an item is unrepairable, I will provided details of why and what steps to take next.

If you are interested in the services listed

contact me at me@joshuascites.com


***I’m still in the process of designing my website. Starting a small business is my goal and the business plan is in the process of development. My overall website design is not complete. I will continue to update the website as often as I can***

Computer Repair in Hagerstown, Maryland. Need Your Computer Fix? Is your phone damaged? We can repair it!

Computer Repair in Frederick, Maryland *Hard Drive Fail? Need important data recovered? Is the screen on your phone cracked? Email me!

Hagerstown, MD - Frederick, MD - Baltimore, MD - Washington, DC

Also Serving Some Areas In

Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania

Need a PC Technician? We provide residential services in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC
Supporting Microsoft Windows PC Repair, Mac Repair, RAM Upgrades

Below are some websites I’ve built. I only continue maintain some of the website below. MtPleasantCOG.org and CurrentPowerInc.com have been redirected to JoshuaScites.com temporally.

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Technician Support Computer Repair

iPhone or iPad Repair in Hagerstown, Maryland? Need Your Android Phone or Tablet fixed? Samsung Galaxy or Tablet Screen Cracked? We can repair it! Email me at me@JoshuaScites.com

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Web Design Projects

Information Technology Technician with over 6 year’s success in Helpdesk Service and Technician Support. JoshuaScites.com holds the key to ProScites.com. One business, offering two types of services. JoshuaScites.com Technical Support, Data Recovery, and Free IT Technical Advise. If we are unable to fix the issue or don’t think we can fix it, we’ll refer you to someone who can at no charge. If you’ve had a hard drive crash and require assistance with recovering sentimental or important data that’s corrupted, we can fix it. Is your PC running slow and freezing often? We can have that resolved quickly. If you need help with various computer issues on your Microsoft Windows PC or Mac, we are happy to help. Perhaps you iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, or Android tablet had a smashed screen, let us replace that for you. Questions about regarding any Apple or Android product? We can answers those questions too. Maybe you have an issue or concern but was not mentioned on this website, send an Email to me@JoshuaScites.com and we’ll try to assist or refer you to someone who can. Repairs cost a lot these days and some companies will charge you for just asking a question. I’ll be happy to answer any questions for free and offer the best affordable price in the surrounding Hagerstown, Maryland and Frederick, Maryland areas. mailto:me@JoshuaScites.com?subject=General%20Tech%20Questionsme@joshuascites.com
Professional Web Design and Video Production. ProScites.com branches off of JoshuaScites.com as the same business offering different set of services. JoshuaScites.com focus is directed toward the local community. ProScites.com offers support Nationwide. We prefer to do business locally within the states surrounding Maryland, however we are more then happy to help any small business nationally. ProScites.com directs services towards helping small business owners getting a website started and providing video production services. Maybe you are musician starting out or a band thats need a website and music video that captures your audience. Or maybe your a business owner that needs a website to show in the top three search results over your competition. How about a DVD you would like to give to customers explaining the types of services you provide, etc? You are an employer that needs a video created to for all new employees to view on the first day or for training purposes? Need help with advertisement? How about a Mini Commercial for your website or YouTube? We can help you with all of that. Have other questions about a service you need us to help with but was not mentioned? Please send an Email to me@JoshuaScites.com and the chances are we can help with whatever you need. Design, Create, Advertise. More then just Web Design.mailto:me@JoshuaScites.com?subject=General%20Web%20Design/Video%20Questionsme@joshuascites.com

Serving the surrounding areas

for Hagerstown, MD and Frederick, MD


Need PC, Mac, or Smart Phone Support?

Affordable Web Design and Video Production Services, Please Visit Us At ProScites.com

iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet Troubleshooting Support and Repairs

Personal Computer and Macintosh Technical Support and Repair for all Microsoft Windows Versions and Mac OSX

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services, Software Updates and Hardware Upgrade Services, PLUS Much More!

ProScites.com & JoshuaScites.com

Professional Web Design

Video Production


Technician Support Computer Repair

ProScites.com & JoshuaScites.com

Professional Web Design

Video Production

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