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JoshuaScites.comindex.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0 holds the key to One business offering two types of services. Tech Support, Data Recovery, and Free IT Technical Advise. If we are unable to fix the issue or don’t think we can fix it, we’ll refer you to someone who can at no charge.

Technician Support Computer Repair

Professional Web Design

Video Production

ProScites.comshapeimage_13_link_0, we do more then just design a website for your small business. We are your One-Stop-Shop for business owners, musicians, non-profit organizations, and more. Your website matters! We help you reach larger audiences with professional and fun web designs. Mini Web Commercials are videos we’ll create to advertise your business, instructional videos, demo DVD’s for customers, and even music videos for musicians. All this for low affordable prices.
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Twitter, Facebook, Google
Web Design
Registering Business Name in Search Engines
Getting Your Site at the Top of Search Engines
Video Production
Instructional Videos for Customers and Employees
Mini Web Advertising Videos
Music Videos
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Bundle Website Design & Video
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75% of customers first impression are based on a businesses website and make judgments about the business creditability. Do you use or solely as your business website? This could hurt a businesses creditability as most customers still like to see a professional and easy to use website. Did your website show up in the first three results when using can help get your small business more customers at an affordable price. We’ll create several web designs for you to choose from, you pick the best one or offer suggestions. The website wont go live until your happy with the design that suits your business.
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